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In a town this size, there's no place to hide
Everywhere you go, you meet someone you know...
In a smokey bar, in the backseat of your car
In your own little house, someone's sure to find you out
What you do and what you think
What you eat and what you drink...

(Kieran Kane)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Some call him Maurice...

Hinchey with disbarred lawyer

..some call him the pompatus of corruption.

One of Nine rounds up the latest on Ithaca hearthrob/corrupt Democrat congesspersyn Maurice Hinchey's self dealing with your money. 
We recently alluded to Peter Schweizer's new book, Throw Them All Out, in connection with congressional insider stock trading.  Well, it turns out that's not the only way MC's profit from their specialized knowledge.
It turns out the Sultan of Gerrymander has been handing out taxpayer money to himself - read the whole thing.  Will Maurice follow Barney Frank onto the rolls of the "comfortably retired at taxpayer expense when they should be in prison?"


  1. Thanks for the link, South! And along these same lines, a friend said, "Lyndon Johnson was born into absolute poverty, spent a lifetime in public service and died a multimillionaire." Hmmm. So there's nothing new under the sun, I guess.

  2. This is the kind of reporting the local news should be doing. Hinchey has been abusing his power for years, look at district 22 it is all the dems in one place. Hinchey is rich off my dollar and I am pissed!! That is why I am voting George Phillips in 2012.