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What you eat and what you drink...

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Police search Obamaville for White House shooter

Suspect Oscar Ramiro Ortega

One might think this would be the lead story on the national news, not the bad weather somewhere.
Federal law enforcement authorities on Tuesday intensified the manhunt for a 21-year-0ld Idaho man who is suspected of shooting with a semi-automatic rifle at the White House last Friday night, as the Secret Service reported finding that at least one bullet had indeed struck the presidential residence...
Late on Friday, the police searched the Occupy DC protest camp, on McPherson Square just blocks from the White House, after reports that Mr. Ortega might have spent time there. Protesters there said on Monday that the police had been through their encampment several times since then, showing his picture around.
Have you heard that it happened again yesterday?
The Secret Service is looking into whether a bullet fired into a window at the White House is connected to a shooting nearby last Friday.
The bullet was stopped by a bullet-proof window and did not enter the White House, the Secret Service said Wednesday. Authorities also found another round in the exterior of the White House. The bullets were found Tuesday, the Secret Service said.
Update:  We have now received word that the suspect has been arrested in the college town of Indiana, PA.  

"Obamaville" background here.  Readers are welcome to help us understand why the "mainstream" media has been so hush-hush about an armed attack on the White House.  Use the comment button below.

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