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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Soros behind anti-fracking film?

Our self-anointed elites have been showing each other the anti-fracking propaganda film "Gasland" for what seems to have been forever.  And how does that low-budget video production find its way into movie theaters and fire halls throughout the Finger Lakes?  Where does a struggling independent filmmaker find the resources to distribute his work so widely and so quickly?

The hard working Lonely Conservative and Ed Lasky at American Thinker provide the connection to billionaire patron of the arts and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que owner George Soros:
...Gasland has provided fuel for critics of shale gas development. I have speculated, with good reason, that Democrats are trying to stop the tapping of this vast resource and that major Democratic donor George Soros would be a beneficiary if shale gas were stopped in its tracks. His bought and paid for group, MoveOn.Org, has diverted from its typical topics of interest and has thrown itself into the battle over shale gas.
This brings me back to Gasland, a documentary that was run on the HBO network and that also may have prompted a 60 Minutes report on shale gas. Did Gasland really come out of nowhere, or did it benefit from the helping hands of George Soros?

Gasland was shown at the Sundance Film Festival -- that was the first step in its journey to make the bigtime (including the HBO screenings). Gasland got a major boost in prominence when it landed a coveted spot at Sundance.

This was quite an accomplishment since most entries are rejected. Yet Gasland survived the winnowing process.

Did it have friends in powerful places who helped?

The Sundance Institute receives funding from  George Soros; furthermore, the Sundance Documentary Film Fund was formerly known as the Soros Documentary Fund. Soros and his Open Society Institute have given many millions of dollars to the Sundance Institute. The officials who run Sundance know their donors and their special interests.
George Soros is invested in offshore oil drilling in Brazil.  The Obama administration is subsidizing that drilling with two billion US tax dollars.  Preventing domestic energy production is good for Soros, bad for the US economy, and very good for our enemies.

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