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What you eat and what you drink...

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finger Lakes taxpayers funding Soros executive's expensive hobbies

Patterson and Southampton swells dig, you pay
The Times Union reports that our  lame duck, governor-by-accident David Patterson has dished out $16 million to fund, among other activities deemed critical to every Finger Lakes taxpayer,
...chess tournaments in New York City, foreign trade offices in Chile and Australia, and to promote a New Jersey Super Bowl in four years with the National Football League...
 The money was approved the day after Paterson demanded the Legislature return to pare spending and assist in reducing a $315 million budget gap so this year's shortfall won't roll into next year's $9 billion deficit. The governor said he wants the Legislature to work with him to make cuts "to clear my conscience" that he had done whatever he could to spare the next administration a bigger budget mess.
Among the Patterson-selected recipients of our confiscated cash is the Parrish Art Museum in The Hamptons on Long Island.  Among the members of the Parrish's Board of Trustees is one David K. Wossong.  Wossong's day job is Managing Director of Soros Fund Management, which means he works for billionaire convicted felon George Soros.

Wossong also appears to be the connection that resulted in Soros' 2009 takeover of Syracuse's formerly beloved Dinosaur Bar-B-Que!  Per the Post Standard,
The Soros investment in the Dinosaur was never announced. In June 2009, at least a year after the sale, a reporter for the Albany Times Union discovered it in documents the Dino submitted to the Troy Industrial Development Authority.
We suspect Dave and his friends in the Hamptons could fund this museum without taking tax money coerced from struggling Finger Lakes families.  Patterson used some legal mumbo-jumbo to excuse this outrageous transfer of taxpayer's money, something about how he had no choice, blah, blah...  We call on Attorney General/Governor Elect Andy Cuomo to stop this crime wave, and all of the recipients to refuse to accept the money.

See the above-linked TU story for a complete list of the conspirators.  Stay tuned for more on Soros' Dinosaur takeover.

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