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In a town this size, there's no place to hide
Everywhere you go, you meet someone you know...
In a smokey bar, in the backseat of your car
In your own little house, someone's sure to find you out
What you do and what you think
What you eat and what you drink...

(Kieran Kane)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bus tour threatens establishment

Beginning Sunday, Sarah Palin's bus tour will include Washington, DC and New Hampshire.  Supporters are buzzing with anticipation, but establishment Republicans are so upset they're postponing their tee times.
Whatever her plans, Ms. Palin's re-emergence into the spotlight will affect the race for the GOP nomination, party strategists say. The tour likely will garner wide press attention at a moment when Republican presidential hopefuls have started trying to generate enthusiasm for their own candidacies.
Ms. Palin's revived public presence could reshape the battle for the support of social conservatives and tea party-affiliated Republicans.
Her flirtation with a run also could prompt undecided Republican donors and party leaders to hold back on aligning with any candidate as they wait for the field to settle.
"She's a threat to everyone," said Fergus Cullen, a former Republican Party chairman in New Hampshire.
No, Fergus, the real "threat to everyone" is the potential for four more years on Obama's road to serfdom.  America needs a candidate who's a threat to Democrats.

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