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What you eat and what you drink...

(Kieran Kane)

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tom Reed: End Congressional Obamacare exemption


Rep. Tom Reed introduces bill to end special treatment under Obamacare to Congress, President, Congressional staff 

Rep. Tom Reed is taking an additional step to encourage the Senate to avoid a government shutdown. Rep. Reed introduced the End Special Treatment for Congress CR Monday to end the special treatment Members of Congress, congressional staff and the President receive under the President’s health care law.

“If Harry Reid and the President continue to refuse to negotiate to avoid a government shutdown, I present a simple request to them: end the special treatment under Obamacare that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the President support,” Reed said. “Even if the Senate fails to do any work today, like it failed to do over the weekend, I will be here working to find a solution, working to avoid a shutdown. Ending the special treatment for Congress is a basic minimum to ask for.”

While Senate members and the President say they will not negotiate with the House, Rep. Reed says that position makes a government shutdown even more of a reality: “We are here, working to find a solution,” Reed said. “Harry Reid and the President saying they won’t negotiate isn’t helpful and is grossly irresponsible when the country is just hours away from a government shutdown.”

“I did not come to Washington to support the status quo,” Reed continued. “To me, getting rid of special treatment for Congress is a no-brainer. My bill keeps the government open and puts Congress on a level playing field with every other American. We need to clean up this obvious inequality. It is the right thing to do, it is the fair thing to do.” 
The House of Representatives sent an amended continuing resolution to the Senate over the weekend, where the bill now sits. The Senate is expected to convene later this afternoon.