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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sharpton's pal Schneiderman

Schneiderman and Sharpton

Even way up here in the Finger Lakes, most folks have heard of race hustler Al Sharpton.  But many of you are reading this and wondering "who is this Schneiderman fellow?"

Eric Schneiderman works for you.  He's the career politician who replaced Andy Cuomo as New York's attorney general.  Scheiderman wants you unemployed, freezing in the dark.  Today's New York Post:
Critics of hydraulic fracturing were quick to pounce on last week's well blowout in Pennsylvania as proof that the controversial method of extracting natural gas is an environmental threat.
That includes state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who just days earlier rashly overreached and vowed to sue the federal government unless it commits within 30 days to conducting a full review of regulations that would allow natural-gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin.
At issue is fracking -- the controversial process in which a high-pressure mix of water, chemicals and sand is used to extract natural gas from rock formations.
And, Schneiderman notwithstanding, a federal review of fracking is under way -- and is just one of several.
Which is fine. Nobody is advocating reckless action.
But it remains that a good way to kill fracking is to study it to death -- which appears to be Schneiderman's real goal.
 Where does the track-suited troublemaker Sharpton appear?
The AG's activism is no surprise, of course. It's what he said he would bring to the job -- along with "an annex" in the AG's office for Al Sharpton.
An annex for Sharpton?  WTF?  The Post, September 9, 2010:
Sharpton's National Action Net work is in such fiscal disarray that an internal audit just five months ago concluded that its very continued existence is in "substantial doubt," as The Post reported this week.
But Sharpton isn't worried about losing his headquarters.
That's because state Sen. Eric Schneiderman has publicly promised that if he's elected attorney general, Sharpton & Co. "will have an annex in Albany for the first time in the history of the state."
Indeed, Schneiderman boasts that Sharpton's endorsement means he's now gotten "the Good Housekeeping seal of approval from the man from the House of Justice" -- whose notion of justice is a model that the AG wannabe says he will "seek to follow."
In October of that year, Syracuse grad Al D'Amato got right to the point:

D’Amato: Vote For Schneiderman Is Vote For Sharpton

Did you know who Eric Schneiderman is?  Do you support an "annex for Sharpton?" 

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