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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Duffy in charge of economic development?

Kodak Park demolition

New York governor Andy Cuomo's new state budget includes 130 million of your tax dollars for something called "regional economic development councils."  
Lawmakers quizzed (Empire State Development Corp. head Kenneth) Adams about the councils’ role, and he said the councils would work in conjunction with Empire State Development, other state agencies, and public and private sectors in a region. Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, the former mayor of Rochester, is heading the councils.
Cuomo is setting up the councils with $130 million in seed money to allocate competitive grants to various regions.
So Duffy will spend $130 million to bring economic development to the desolate landscape of Upstate New York?  Since Duffy was mayor of Rochester during Kodak Park's demolition, let's look at the population of the Flower City to see how it has been developing lately. 
New York City and the adjacent suburban counties to the north and on Long Island all posted growth since 2000. In contrast, the largest cities in upstate New York posted losses. Buffalo lost 10.7 percent of its population for a count of 261,310; Rochester lost 4.2 percent to 210,565; Syracuse lost 1.5 percent to 145,170.
They're telling us that the guy who cut the ribbon on the Kodak Park demolition project will now spend 130 million tax dollars to carry on his success throughout the rest of Upstate.  Here's a suggestion:  give that money back to the taxpayers instead.  Instantly, disposable income will increase by $130 million, no "economic development councils" required.  

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