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What you eat and what you drink...

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Solargate? What's that?

MSM's new, if aged, darlings

Here at South of 5 and 20, we're tried to keep you up to date on "Solargate," the Obama Administration's rapidly growing "green energy" scandal, since last year.  

This is the one where the federal Department of Energy helped one of Obama's big political contributors use a failed solar panel company called Solyndra to steal half a billion dollars of your money.  As we write this, the same gonifs, including Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law,  are absconding with billions more.

And yet, most of your associates, acquaintances and co-workers have never heard of Solyndra.   While Finger Lakes taxpayers are bombarded with "Wall Street protest" updates every hour, on the hour, the "mainstream" media appears uninterested in serious crime at the highest level of government.  Geoffery Dickens at NewsBusters has been watching TV news, and explains what's going on.
Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s admission, on Thursday, that he approved more taxpayer money to the financially strapped solar panel company Solyndra, after it defaulted on a $535 million loan from that agency. Big Three network coverage? Zero. This is just a continuing pattern of ABC, CBS and NBC barely touching the burgeoning scandal for the Obama administration.
What initially began as an embarrassing collapse of one of the green companies touted by Obama has turned into a story of coverup of still more stimulus money being wasted on the left’s pet cause of climate change. Yet, as a search of Nexis shows, the networks have glanced over the Solyndra story with the Big Three networks running a total of just 8 total full stories, two anchor briefs and a couple of mentions on their evening and morning news shows, since the company declared bankruptcy in August.
Bold added.  There's no longer any doubt that the big media companies have become nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Obama administration.  It's now up to us.  We need to help our neighbors understand what's really going on.  Yes, that assignment won't be easy, but election day 2012 is only 13 months away.

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