Welcome to the Finger Lakes! Our theme song:

In a town this size, there's no place to hide
Everywhere you go, you meet someone you know...
In a smokey bar, in the backseat of your car
In your own little house, someone's sure to find you out
What you do and what you think
What you eat and what you drink...

(Kieran Kane)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Janis Kelly releases video

Ultra-liberal Ithaca, NY's own nationally prominent conservative blogger, Professor Jacobson, looks forward to the shock waves that will result from Republican Janis Kelly's realistically possible victory in that city's upcoming mayoral election.
You have not seen anything like what will take place here if Janis Kelly, Republican and unabashed Tea Party supporter, is elected Mayor of Ithaca.  You can donate here.  Her website, which should be live any minute, is KellyForMayor.org.  You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.
Janis has just posted a You Tube video, provided above for your convenience.  Note her creative use of "fracking."

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